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Powerful Payment Solutions: With robust integration capabilities, we serve numerous enterprises.

Bifu PAY: Integrates all payment and collection channels in the Philippines, offering convenient payment APIs for real-time transactions and innovative service technology solutions for financial transactions.

As a Payment Solution Provider: Bifu PAY bridges merchants and end payment channels, aiming to provide users with a convenient, fast, and secure payment experience. Our mission is to drive industry innovation and solve industry pain points with advanced, customized payment solutions.

As a Third-Party Aggregated Payment Gateway Company: Bifu PAY connects various types of payment terminals, offering a wealth of online and offline collection and payment solutions.

As a Fintech-Driven Startup: Bifu PAY aims to provide innovative technology to solve payment pain points, customizing software and hardware solutions based on partner needs and brand characteristics, focusing on digitalizing business operations.

Mission: Our mission is to enhance our partners’ competitive edge with our advanced technology and customizable payment solutions. We aim to simplify and digitize every process, providing convenience and security for our partners.

Company Values:

  • Security: Ensuring a safe payment experience.

  • Convenience: Flexible solutions.

  • Trust: Fulfilling our mission.

  • Progress: Committed to national business digitalization.

  • Integration: Providing complete and user-friendly solutions.

  • Reliability: Meeting partners’ needs.